1. the new naruto episode had a freaking stupid flashback about utakata. a character that nobody cares about. whyyyy

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  3. More progress

    More progress

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Love quotes? you will love this blog

I did,  she didn’t


    Love quotes? you will love this blog

    I did, she didn’t

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  7. I think it’s bad to have this extra testosterone and then get mad

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  10. Naruto 30 Day Challenge

    Day 9: Favorite Jutsu

    Minato’s Teleportation Jutsu

    I think i’ve said it once, but speed is one of the coolest things to me. So why wouldn’t Minato’s teleportation jutsu be the coolest jutsu to me? well of course it is. The speed that this jutsu gives to Minato is ridiculous. 

    I dont really know what to say about this jutsu besides thte fact that it is so cool. Minato helped save Kakashi’s life, and naruto’s life with this jutsu. It allowed him to get behind enemy lines. Minato used this jutsu so perfectly. it is exceptional. 

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  11. Naruto 30 Day Challenge

    Day 8: Favorite Fight

    Shikamaru, Kakashi, Choji, Ino, Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato vs. Hidan and Kakuzu

    A few reasons this is such a cool fight. 

    1. Naruto was actually strong in this fight. He used the freaking rasen shuriken to take out (i think) three of Kakuzu’s hearts. That was quite impressive, seeing as how it took the rest of the team basically the whole fight and a surprise attack to take out two hearts.

    2. We get to see a lot of different ninjustu in this fight. Kakuzu has all five chakra natures because of those hearts. Also, Kakashi of the freaking sharingan. Man, he is so good. He uses a few different jutsu also.

    3. This battle also shows how useless Choji and Ino are.  They literally do nothing and suddenly they are out of chakra. beh. Wimps. 

    4. Shikamaru’s brilliance is finally shown to its full extent. He had that whole battle planned out to the smallest detail from the very beginning. From before the battle had begun, Shikamaru had it won. 

    5. The implications of this battle. This battle showed that Temari’s words were true. She told Shikamaru that it is about time he became a jonin. Above that tho, this battle acted as closure for Shikamaru and his team since Hidan had killed Asuma in the previous battle. This battle was an emotional battle. It was a great battle in every way. 

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  12. Almost 1 month progress

    Almost 1 month progress

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  15. My cup has the mangekyo sharingan.

    My cup has the mangekyo sharingan.

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